Pokemon GO is “GOing” through the charts


I’m pretty sure everybody by now knows about the new famous app, Pokemon GO, even the people who weren’t fans of the Pokemon games and the infamous TV show (which is still running right now), but the question stands, what is it that people love about this game, this is what we’ll be discussing

You may have found out about this game by various news articles and famous YouTube channels who love this game, A famous news YouTuber known as Scarce reports about it many times, PewDiePie has uploaded 3 Let’s Plays of the game, JackSepticEye has uploaded one, and SuperMega have taken it to the next level by finding Pokemon in “AREA 51” (Pokemon GO at Area 51) Sure they didn’t pass the border but at least they went close it, I wouldn’t even DARE to do that

So anyways, got kinda off topic there, WHY is Pokemon GO so famous right after it’s release (by far it has been released in UK and Ireland, maybe more, that’s all I could find on this), it’s just like how Candy Crush was, and it’s still going with releases such as Candy Crush Soda, let’s see what people like about this game:

  • Health :

    Many gamers in the world are fans of console, android, PCs and more, but mostly these people stay in home to play their favorite game, because at this place they can relax while playing, it’s not like the 15 minute break in the office where you run to get coffee, but it’s not the same with Pokemon GO, either you can wait around in you home, just waiting for some Pokemon to come into your room, but what’s the fun in that, you won’t get to join battles, no gyms, no nothing, this is a game that asks you to go outside and look for more, not like those fitness games you play with your console or whatever, because you can just quit, but when you quit this game, everyone is ahead of you, so this game is telling you to go outside , which cis a great way to stay fit

  • How Addictive This Game Is :

    When I played this game the first time and I caught my first Pokemon ( I don’t remember which one it was, I’m at LVL 15 right now), I was like “hey, a Pokemon, already, this is a PIECE OF CAKE” turns out, it wasn’t a piece of cake AT ALL, keep upgrading, keep taking over gyms, keep crying over servers going down when finding a rare Pokemon, and while doing this, I can’t believe how many people I’ve met, when I was LVL 5, this guy came up to me (he was LVL 20) and started to give me pointers on how to level up quickly, then this other guy who was at LVL 25 came into the conversation to prove him wrong, then a debate had started, and I just went away, it was a really great experience

  • The Community/Fanbase :

    The community/fanbase of this game is quite like JackSepticEye’s, everybody’s having fun, for example, just see this picture :

download (4).jpg

This is in Central Park, not just this, a group of friends were going down a road trying to get some Pokemon, my friends were with me, and one of us goes like, GODDAMIT SERVERS, and the people who’re walking past us are like, “IKR” and we walk up to each other, start talking about the game, this group of about 9 people, just talking about their levels, their Pokemon Levels, how many rare ones they have, unfortunately, all of our batteries were running out so we couldn’t take a picture, or else I would’ve shown you

Info : Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO (Android)

Pokemon GO (iOS)

So that’s why Pokemon GO became so famous SO fast, I think it’s a amazing game, tell your opinions too, well, that’s all for now, I’ll see you later



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