James Wan needs to step up his game


I know it’s a little late but I watched The Conjuring 2 just yesterday, I really loved The Conjuring because of it’s atmosphere, it’s suspense, the fact that the character’s emotions were amazing, the acting was great, the opposite was for Conjuring 2, today I will explain why I hated the movie so much (this will contain spoilers)

Because I was scared by The Conjuring, I was expecting it to be the same, so I started to get scared at literally everything, but then I wasn’t getting scared, I was watching this with my friends and we burst out laughing when a jumpscare came, this man came from somewhere and yelled “MY HOUSE” or something like that, were they seriously expecting someone getting scared from that ?

So then, the couple who saved the family in the 1st movie come and then they’re like “Oh no, this isn’t your house and go the hell away, we hate you” so then, surprise surprise, the ghost says no, and while this is happening, the acting seems like the characters were called by James Wan like :

James : Hey, we’re filming the 2nd part

The Characters : Oh, yeah, We don’t think we can make it

James : There’s money involved

Characters : We’re In

So then after some lame scenes that wont relate to ANY of the story, there is a scene in which we find out that the ghost that had the jumpscare with, “MY HOUSE” in it wasn’t actually a bad person, and there is someone else haunting the crap outta everyone, so they’re like, “WE NEED SOME CLUES, WHAT THE HECK DO YOU MEAN WHEN YOU SAY THAT WE SHOULD KNOW HIS NAME”, then the guy goes in and tries to save the girl and then the girl “suddenly” remembers that in the very first scenes, there WAS indeed the woman they should know the name of, while this is happening, the guy takes and bath, gets hit and if it wasn’t a movie, I’m pretty sure he would’ve died, then the girl finds out that she wrote this woman’s name  in a bible, so she finds out that her name is Valak, then she goes to the woman who’s “doing some stuff, I guess” and yells, “I KNOW YOUR NAME, YOUR NAME IS VALAK, I WROTE IT”, so Valak is like, “hey, no fear, you were supposed to remember it, not just write it down, I won’t be friends with you and I’ll never play with you again” and then the movie ends

I give this movie a 2/5

I’m really excited for Lights Out, another movie by James Wan that has already come out or not, I still don’t know, anyways, tell what you thought about this movie, this was just my opinion and I’m not saying everyone should feel the same way I did about this movie, SO ANYWAYS, thank you guys so much for reading this, and I will see you in the next one, that’s all for today so





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