Cartoon Network And New Ideas


Many of you may love cartoons, maybe you grew up watching Tom & Jerry, Maybe Power Puff Girls, maybe Ben 10, maybe Codename : Kids Next Door, Samurai Jack or maybe Ed, Edd & Eddy (these are the cartoons that I still watch  and love, but the original ones) But most of us cartoon nerds will agree that Cartoon Network has surely run out of ideas, and that’s what I’ll talk about today.

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As I said before, I love Pokemon GO, so I was  walking around searching for Charizard, just normal everyday things, and as I said in my last post, I was excited to see Lights Out, and I see a movie store, so I go in, and BOOM ….. no one’s in there, okay, that wasn’t interesting at all, but after I went out, I saw a man, with this …. thing ? he had many movies in there and had a copy of Lights Out, so I bought it and then this happened :

I take it, and continue playing, telling myself that I’ll watch the movie later, so I see the man taking all these movies away, and I think that’s weird, but I just ignored it so when I went to start the movie, it has a .txt file which says password, I immediately knew what was going on, HE FRIGGIN SCAMMED ME, and then I found out why he went away, after all that, it reminded me of this event

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My name is Najaf Abbas

 I’m a teenager who’s all about the internet, I make videos on YouTube about, ummm, Let’s Plays ? and more (sometimes more), you can visit the channel here :

My Channel : The Capped Dudes

Anyways, I’m getting kinda off topic here, here I’ll be Drama Alert, just kidding, don’t kill me please, I’m gonna try to update this as much as possible and I’ll upload news and stuff that’s been going on, kinda like Scarce

So hope you like this and come here often, see ya next time